Damascus University represents the oldest and most significant pillar of higher education is Syria. This historical edificeassumed its responsibilities in preparing scientific and professional cadres and relating and interacting with the society’s causes for a period already exceeding a century in which, Damascus University, has expanded to include all scientific disciplines. Furthermore, and despite facing serious challenges, Damascus University has played important roles in our beloved country’s history and proved itself as a strong and resilient scientific, educational and social foundation during the years of the crisis as it proceeded nonstop and with high efficiency.

Damascus University and its institutes seek even a wider opportunity to emphasize the continuation of its essential role as being a pioneering example. It firstly pledges to conduct its pedagogical duty in anchoring the love and appreciation of Syria and, secondly, in pursuing its scientific educational duty. Damascus University is a practical and supportive backbone to all governmental organizations, institutes, and bodiesand aims to partake in all compelling societal causes from a superiorstance of responsibility and virtue. The university represents an essential source of optimism in a better tomorrow to our society through producing equipped future generations ready to build their homeland. Such opportunity is, indeed, possible through setting up a development program which considers high quality standards and indicators to achieve such reliability required in a planned timely manner. A step signifies the initiation of a long-term plan embarking on a vision for the higher education in Damascus and its periphery according to the developmental role of educational institutions which is nested in innovation and knowledge, and referenced by the grounds, requirements and standards of international universities ranking.

The intermediate distinction of Damascus University relies heavily on cultivating its scholars to cooperate fully with the Syrian Student Union under the direction of the wise political leadership and governmental logistical support. This would be achievable through the continuous reinforcement and strengthening of the linkage between the university and society and the active participation in providing the scientific support to governmental bodies and ministries in the form of skilled professional graduates. Another aspect would, indeed, to focus on increasing the active scientific international presence and exposure by establishing scientific and research collaborations with world renowned universities and research centers and energizing scientific publishing.

Damascus University directs its immense attention to its scientific, academic, and technical staffs and all its administrative and service cadres and that is to ensure and guaranteethesteady scientific and pedagogic welfare capacity of its students, support its intellectual output and, provide extracurricular activities. Hence, the emergence of an accomplished sense of responsibility towards society and a positive attitude toward its causes, rendered possible through attributing a great deal of trust in the scientific and pedagogic standing of the university.

Damascus University maintains its advanced legacy and standing among other higher education institutes in Syria and the globe by maintaining its foundational patriotic vision and by preserving its main objectives in building society and activating its contribution to the scientific community worldwide. The intermediate missions will be attainable only through a sense of direct and determined responsibility and effort. And this is only the case when the tools, results and outputs concur and agree all with high quality standards governed by specific performance measures.

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